Beautiful Word Ain't the Truth

by palm dat

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New Cities 02:46
These New Cities stretch my neck out I’m a tourist so I look up shadows over mountains you split me in two each half went it’s separate way to and from work in the dark These new feelings my thumb on the seam I dreamed about the petals I felt your silhouette the touch of painted nettle the smoke of cigarettes we slept along la seine woke up in saint michel flipped the lid felt the shape with chalk we drew our names beat hustlers at shell games you don’t say a word but I see that flame
My heart sweats Like the suns inside my chest Romance with bulletproof vest Midnight slow hands velvet They touch me feeling it out night time sweet back She spoke like breaking waves feeling it out plot twist changing perspective these mountains are looking like creases She showed me all the places I ain't seen before Feeling it out Sunrise barefoot Pink sky i’m shook Is that kismet or a ghost been a season since we spoke And I've been building little cities My heart sweats Like the suns inside my chest Romance with bulletproof vest Been staring a diamond in the face Been wondering what it was worth
I'm Not Mad 03:40
When I rock its for the waves When I sulk might be for days I'm not mad it’s just my face When I lick its for the taste When I taste its for the pleasure When I love there is no When I lean its for the kiss Close my eyes goes like this When I howl its at the moon Party's over left too soon When I dream its astral plane Run my fingers through your mane When I hunt its for the treasure Sometimes skill and sometimes leisure I'm not mad I just wish you had told me. (she tastes like fruit and smells like flowers)
Four Crushes 02:21
Philosophy’s just wordplay it wasn’t real just kayfabe her password said fresh air out the window she’s cute though Shook the hands of the dead kind words to em she pulled me out of the water with velvet gloves their handmade the sweetest feel the summer shade i ran my hands through your secret language pulled undertow she’s cute though i now realize how dark the night gets crave me like a cigarette anything that feels good caffeine in the evening anything the feels good will kill you with a single brush stroke girl i got my chain from colliding stars
Golden Hour 01:03
Jules 03:25
All my white tees have Rorschachs But I clean up well Like a kid I wrote your name down In my notebook I want two hands to form a net to catch a gal I'm really sweet on Light a candle At the slightest provocation We speak code like Lime Oscar Victor Echo Under hoodies raining let's go Speak your language to me I am listening to you These short nights are cruel to me Air feels lighter when You’re around Walk through the club with snipers breath Grew a little crest now I'm restless I want whats good for you you want whats good for me I want whats good for you you want whats good for me
Boomerang 03:25
Couldn't hold it But I knew how to shoot it I Kept running Till everything went chrome When the sunrise You don't say much poems for eyes finesse the concrete whispers for ideas She’s got sharp teeth and Ive got muscular feelings steam wavy pavements in the distance sun is almost always shining woke up in the spirit lo fi rich whispers at a star artificial flowers tall as a waterfall Side streets when i left i just took the deepest breath i’ve ever taken drew a perfect circle multiples of ten at the bottom of a well love is greasy love is greasy it’s a boomerang i’ll never get back beautiful word ain’t the truth running up these mountains all deer no wolves late to bed late to rise ladies singing madrigals make room fill the cracks with gold


released April 13, 2018


all rights reserved



palm dat Portland, Oregon

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